Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize Just Opened

Enter the new Muriel’s Journey Poetry Contest by March 31st, 2020, to win up to $100.


A first prize of $100 for the poem judged to be the best

Another first prize of $100 for the poem by a DTES contributor judged to be the best

A second prize of $50

A prize of $35 for a randomly selected poem among a longlist of poems


Content: Should meet one or more of these criteria:

Outspoken, risk taking, not easy to digest, looking at a topic in an unexpected way. It would be nice if it had a good potential for being performed. Why these criteria? Because that’s Muriel. She was not only a poet but a fabulous performer and had no problems tackling things from an unusual, makes-you-wake-up-and-listen point of view.

Other criteria:

  • Open to Canadians or people living in Canada
  • Length of the poem: 5 lines or more
  • Up to 5 poems, with an overall length for all poems together not to exceed 100 lines
  • Please send the poems in the body of the email. Start the email with your name and the title(s) of your poem(s). DO NOT MENTION YOUR NAME ANYWHERE ELSE so that we can judge your poems blindly.
  • There is no monetary entry fee; instead, please let us know how you contribute to your community
  • Email address:
  • Live link to your email when using your computer or device:
  • The poem cannot be previously published, online or anywhere else
  • If you submit your poem elsewhere and it gets accepted, it is important that you let us know right away.
  • Format: Times Roman, 12 point
  • Please do not attach any images. If an image is absolutely necessary for your poem, tell us in your email and we will arrange for safe transmittal of the image.
  • If you are part of or closely related to the committee or the judges, you are ineligible
  • If you won a first prize in 2019, you are ineligible

DEADLINE: March 31st, 2020